Which one is the most used search engine in Italy?

2015 data are not really different from previous years data. The most used search engine in Italy is still Google, with 95% of market shares. Yahoo, with a slight increase compared to previous years, has only the 2% of shares, the same as Bing. The fourth most used search engine in Italy is Ask, with less than the 0.40%

Internet penetration in the Italian population is 60%, so about 6 Italians out of 10 are internet users. This puts Italy a little bit behind comparable European countries (UK, Germany, France, Spain).

The most used social networks in Italy in 2015

Regarding social networks, the cake is more distributed compared to search engines market. Unsurprisingly, the most used social network in Italy is Facebook, with 45% of Italian users considering themselves active users of Facebook. Much behind Twitter (with the 17%) and Google+ (with the 16%).
Unlike Facebook, Twitter has registered a gradual increase of active users year after year. The same applies to Instagram and Pinterest, but for these two networks the market share is very low.

LinkedIn is the king among professional social networks, but even if the platform registered a sensible increase of users, only the 7% of internet users consider themselves as active users of the site.

Source: GlobalWebIndex